Our Story

GRAFFI is a brand that offers totally handmade creations, with a contemporary style, born 13 years ago from streetwear and underground culture and that today proposes a new concept of style, mixing casual, sporty and elegant. In our atelier we work on the high quality of materials and the originality of the projects and designs to be made, that is why our collections are produced in Limited Edition and most of them are handmade.
Our garments are born as the result of continuous experimentation with fabrics, patterns, graphic designs and artistic elaborations to match the sweaters and dresses and one of our prerogatives is not to use animal skins, for our dresses, jackets or bags.
Our collections are divided into Men’s and Women’s although many of our creations are designed as Unisex.
All GRAFFI’s creations are conceived and designed by Riccardo Lopez, who is also CEO of the brand.
Our brand was born in Ibiza in the year 2011, and after years of changes since 2022 it produces in its own laboratory/store in Barcelona, in Poblenou.

GRAFFI is an brand that produces unique and original clothing which are 100% handmade.
T-shirts, dresses, sweaters and trousers, Bags and Jackets.
Designed by Riccardo Lopez